Your Inspirational Corner 

    - To Encourage, Inspire, & Empower! - 

Sharetha Nicole Jenkins, a native of Mississippi shares parts of her life's journey to "EMPOWER" others.  She offers over 20 years of private and public success as an organizational leader, inspirational speaker, and mentor.  She provides a unique & valuable perspective on many of life's issues that has been misperceived or simply ignored.  Her focus is to give an array of hope by inspiring people from all walks of life. In 2018, Sharetha launched the "Believe" Book Tour where she traveled to different states to personally meet, interact with, and encourage others. 

Sharetha is a devoted wife and mother of two. She is a nationwide published author, registered nurse, and former photographer.  She has been featured in the Clinton Courier newspaper, LMP (Love, Marriage, and Partnership) Magazine, and WLBT's Midday Mississippi to name a few.  She was also a part of Gloria Boleware's radio segment entitled, "People Making Boss Moves". As a medical professional and business woman, her goal is to promote self care and encourage others to never stop following their dreams.  Professionally, she holds degrees in business, design, and nursing. 

Sharetha's daily journey is - to walk in purpose.  She constantly strives towards the next level. She also enourages others on the importance of  "time" and accomplishing goals.  She meets people where they are, respecting who they are, while providing empowerment and education.  Sharetha is a woman of faith that wears many hats who truly believes we can do ANYTHING we set our mind to.

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